Saturday, January 28, 2017

New Rio Grande Southern Project Layout

For many years I have wanted to work in Sn3.  This goes back to my youth when the first basement filling layout I saw was a D&RGW narrow gauge layout was in S Scale.  The owner of this layout made the remark that the advantage of Sn3 was the locomotives were about the same size as HO standard gauge and the buildings were just a little bigger than HO but the detail was much better while being able to fit much more into a space than O Scale.  This was more than 40 years ago and I still find this truth tugging at me.  As narrow gauge is highly appealing to me and readily available in S Scale if one is willing to be patient I have decided to put all other projects on hold and focus on an Rio Grande Southern layout in Sn3.  The layout will follow a modified dominoes approach popularized by David Barrow which is combined with Tony Koester's LDE concept and somewhat similar to the TOMA idea now being popularized by MRH founder Joe Fugate.